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Enzo Rodríguez

Born in Montevideo (Uruguay), he arrived in Spain in 2004. In 2005, he had the opportunity to begin working in the sea lion department at Oasis Park (Fuerteventura), and he realized that he wanted to dedicate his life to animals.

After three years he began working in another company which gave him the opportunity to travel and work in different places, such as: Baku Animal Experience (Fuerteventura), Walibi Rhône-Alpes (France), and Terra Natura (Benidorm).

At this stage, he attended his first IMATA (International Marine Animal Trainers’ Association) conference. He has been a member of this association since 2012.

In 2014, he moved to Tenerife to join the sea lion and dolphin department at Loro Parque.

In 2015, he moved to the south of the island, promoted to the Sea lion and Penguin Supervisor at Jungle Park (Aspro Parks). Here he was able to develop a wide variety of training protocols, highlighting husbandry behaviors, and he presented at the IMATA Portugal 2018 conference about the extinction of regurgitation in a California sea lion with the use of multi-stimuli, thereby achieving performing a voluntary gastroscopy with biopsy (See link).

He is currently working at the Dolphinarium of Aqualand (Costa Adeje, Tenerife) and he is a member of the Training Committee of EAAM (European Association for Aquatic Mammals).

About Me

Antonio Martínez

Born in Madrid (Spain). His career began with the attendance of seminars and conferences about biology, veterinary, animal welfare, etc.

In 2004, he moved to Milan (Italy) to work in a specialized reptiles and amphibians shop, and in the summer he traveled to Colombia to be involved in voluntary work with river dolphins in Amazonia. That same winter, he carried out an internship at the Seal Rehabilitation and Research Center Zeehondencreche in Pieterburen (Holland).

One year later, he graduated as the Technical Assistant for Zoos and Aquaria (ATZA) at Veterinary Faculty UCM (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) and he continued on his career path as Marine Mammal Assistant at Selwo Marina (Málaga) in 2006.

After some months working with multiple species at Faunia (Madrid) and with sea lions at Oasis Park (Fuerteventura), he joined the marine mammal department at Zoo Aquarium of Madrid (Parques Reunidos). There he spent ten years working with bottlenose dolphins, penguins, grey seals and sea lions (Patagonian, California and Steller).


In the summer of 2010, he had a short training period with orcas at Marineland (Antibes, France).

In 2017, he was promoted to Marine Mammal Supervisor at Selwo Marina, where he currently works.

He has been an active member of IMATA (International Marine Animal Trainers’ Association) since 2012, and of EAAM (European Association for Aquatic Mammals), attending and giving presentations, for example: Voluntary stretcher training for a bottlenose dolphin transport (Portugal, 2018) and voluntary intramuscular injection on sea lions and dolphins (Valencia, 2020).

About Me

Angelo Henriques

Born in Lisbon (Portugal). With twenty years of experience and a graduated veterinary assistant, he is a specialist of animal training and management.

He started his career in the Dolphinarium of Zoomarine (Portugal) and he has worked in Italy since 2005, where he decided to accept a new project: a new facility opening in Rome. This was where he became Head Trainer in the marine mammal department.

He is very passionate about birds, and a member of IMATA (International Marine Animal Trainers’ Association) since 2005. He did his first presentation about operant conditioning with Australian pelicans in IMATA Bahamas, 2015.

As a member of the EAAM (European Association for Aquatic Mammals) Training Committee and of the EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria), he is always sharing practical information with other European parks, and giving private lectures and workshops for professionals in the field.

Currently he combines his work by consulting at Bioparco di Roma, where he develops training protocols, and supervising the team formation of Animal Keepers.

In addition, he is completing a professional course about dog training and the management of pet animals.

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