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Trainers use different techniques within the operant conditioning but, without a doubt, the targeting or use of the target, is one of the most known and used in animal training.

To put ourselves in context, we first need to know that targeting is the process of teaching an animal to touch or follow a target with some part of its body. Once this is known, the possibilities for training are endless.

Has he forgotten it?

Sometimes when we are training with our animals we find peculiar situations and we realize that we do not differ so much from each other, because suddenly, we see that they have forgotten a behavior that seemed well learned.

Entrenamiento rutinario de chequeo médico en osos polares. wezooit

My name is Kim Wilkins and my animal training career began in 2007 when I joined the animal presentations team at Bristol Zoo, training display animals for the educational shows. I then moved to Onmega dolphin therapie in Marmaris Turkey and trained dolphins for public interactions and dolphin-assisted therapy.

Rinoceronte blanco

Marco Aurelio Núñez is a zootechnician veterinarian from the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes (México), since 2015. He has had professional training in the area of clinical ethology in different academic and zoological institutions in Mexico and in 2020 he worked as a zookeeper and trainer at the "Entre picos y plumas" exhibition at Guadalajara Zoo (Mexico).

Currently, he directs his pets consultancy "Positivet" dedicated to the prevention and resolution of behavioral problems.

KGS o Keep Going Signal

In this article we will talk about what is known as the KGS or the Keep Going Signal.

It is a concept that, despite not having an official definition or that has been described scientifically, we did not want to overlook.


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