Blood sample training for glucose metabolism in woolly monkeys (Lagothrix lagotricha) and chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes)

Daniela Stefany Mayorquin Moreno es médica veterinaria  Dipl.  ULS, coordinadora de entrenamiento animal de Bioparque Ukumarí, Pereira-Risaralda.

Dayro Alonso Palma Conda es zookeeper Élite del Bioparque Ukumarí en el área de Chimpancés. Pereira-Risaralda.

Elías Silva Revoyedo es promotor senior de Primates en el Zoológico de Cali. Colombia

Jorge Iván Sánchez Quintero es biólogo y entrenador animal, dueño y administrador de Mono Lanudo Pet Shop. Villamaria, Caldas, Colombia.

Benefits of Teaching and Learning Offspring

Jorge Iván Sánchez Quintero is a biologist and animal trainer. He graduated from the University of Caldas (Colombia) and has presented numerous lectures (as a speaker and lecturer) in Colombia and Latin America on conditioning and animal training for the welfare of animals under human care.

Matt Leung

My name is Matt Leung and I am a New Yorker animal keeper working with giant pandas in Hong Kong. I have been working with them for over 10 years now, and prior to that I have also worked with marine mammals in the US, where I learned a lot about animal training.

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